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Warm Up Your Home With Tender Loving Care

October 5, 2020

Warming up when the temperatures are cooler outside is easier than you think. Before you turn up the thermostat, try these creative ideas that will keep you warm while turning up the heat on your home’s decor. All it takes is some creativity, beautiful home accents, and a little tender loving care. Here are some ideas.

Blanket Up the Bedroom

Sleep in a blanket full of comfort. Get out the warmest, softest comforters and blankets, add them to your bedroom, and you’ll sleep like a baby. Store a few extras on a nearby bookcase or accent chair, just in case you need an extra on a very cool night.

Warm the Floor with Beauty

Covering your floors with beautiful area rugs, especially if you have hardwood flooring or ceramic tile, will instantly warm up a room’s look and overall temperature. Not only do they add insulation and warmth, but they also tie the look of a well-designed room together and create a cozy ambiance.

Lighten Up with Lamps

Overhead lighting has its time and place, but when you want to create a warm atmosphere, light from decorative lamps are effective. Mix and match different lamp styles and sizes throughout any room to show your eclectic personality or display two or more of the same design to flank end tables in the bedroom.

Fire Up the Night

Take the final days of fall to enjoy and entertain. Put on your favorite sweater, grab a cozy throw, and gather your family around a fireplace. A fresh cup of tea or a tasty cocktail will certainly warm everyone up!

It’s the little things you do with kindness and tender loving care that creates a warm, cozy home.

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