Top Reasons Why Your Living Room Needs An Ottoman

April 6, 2020

Every living room of every home should have an ottoman, a versatile, beautiful piece of furniture. An ottoman traditionally served as a comfortable place to rest your feet, but through the years has evolved into a family-friendly, multipurpose workhorse that can be used for extra storage, additional seating, or even a coffee table. Ottomans come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, but the one thing they all have in common is they are a must-have in today’s decor. Here are 4 reasons your living room needs an ottoman… or two.

Beloved Footrest

The traditional purpose for an ottoman was for a footrest and that is still true today. Ottomans and footrests go hand to hand (or foot to foot) and work in today’s versatile, busy lifestyles. They fit into any decor, can easily be moved from room to room, chair to chair, and if large enough, can be shared by more than one person.

Beautiful Accent Pieces

Since ottomans are so versatile, they become a focal point that sets the tone for the overall room. There are a variety of ottoman designs including circles, squares, oblong, and even multiple pieces that can be used as one ottoman or separated and used individually. 

Extra Storage

Blankets, throws, pillows, remote controls, toys, games and other unused things in the room can be tucked away out of sight in an ottoman designed as a storage piece. They usually feature a hinged top or a top that comes off altogether and will beautifully hide things that will still want at your fingertips. 

More Seating and Table Space

The functional beauty of an ottoman is that it provides more of everything; more seating, more table space, more versatility, and can be moved around to meet the growing needs of your busy family.

Your friends at Raley’s Home Furnishings are here to help you select the perfect decorative ottoman for your home.

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