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Tips For Taking Your Christmas Tree Down After The Holidays

December 30, 2019

The approach of the new year reminds us that it’s time to think about taking the Christmas tree down. Putting the tree up and decorating it was a fun and exciting part of holiday preparations. Taking it down symbolizes the end of the holidays and the approach of the new year. We have a step-by-step approach to taking your Christmas tree down. 

Start with the Ornaments

When you put your tree up, you put the ornaments on after the lights. When you take it down, start with the decorations. Be sure you remove all of your ornaments and put them away as you remove them. You’ll need all the space around you as you prepare to lay the tree down before you carry it to the street or the back of your property. 

Remove Lights Next

Always unplug the lights before you start to remove them. Take the time to remove any burned out bulbs and replace them before you pack the lights away. Start at the top and work your way down. 

Lay the Tree on Its Side 

If you purchased a Christmas tree removal bag, get ready to put the tree inside the bag. If you don’t have a designated Christmas tree disposal bag, you can use things you have on hand. Get two large garbage bags and wrap them around the top and bottom portions of the tree. The bags will catch needles as they fall, reducing the number of needles that accumulate all over your living room floors. 

If you don’t have extra-large garbage bags, lay an old sheet on the floor before you put the Christmas tree down. Wrap the tree in the cloth to catch falling needles. Have two people on hand to carry the tree to the curb or out to your alley. 

Once the tree is outside, you must clean up the fallen needles. A vacuum cleaner is a fast and efficient way to clean up the needles from your floor or area rugs

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