Three Stylish Items To Give Your Home Some Texture

June 15, 2020

Balance is the key in every area of our lives and that includes our home’s decor. We want it all and we should get it all! Beautiful and comfortable surroundings are what we’re after, because, after all, we’re totally worth it!  Here are three family-friendly and designer approved pieces to add personality and comfortable style to your home.

Warm It Up with Area Rugs

Flooring is the foundation of any space and is the first step in warming up and softening the look of a room. Beautifully designed, quality area rugs will add an additional layer of coziness and texture to any room. For example, a plush area rug will enhance a hardwood floor and an artistically designed rug will instantly refresh any room.

Create Coziness with Pillows

Our motto is pillows, pillows everywhere! Layering a variety of different shapes, sizes, and fabrics of pillows conveys that you make comfort a priority and want to make your home as welcoming as it can be. Scatter accent pillows on beds, couches, love seats, chairs, and even on the floor. Doing so will enhance the overall visual elements of the room while creating an inviting cozy atmosphere. 

Get Comfy Casual with Poufs

Poufs are your go-to accents to balance comfort, style, and versatility. Poufs are large, solid, and comfy stand-alone oversized cushions that are growing in popularity in home design. They will add a welcome touch, help when entertaining, and casually tie the look of a room together. Poufs can be conveniently moved around offering additional seating, creating a comfy footstool, or even used as an additional tabletop when needed.  

Our Raley’s Home Furnishings team is always here to help you select the perfect furniture, flooring, and accent pieces to personalize every room in your home with comfort, quality, and style.

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