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Three Halloween Decorating Tips For Small Spaces

October 4, 2019

If you live in an apartment and only have a small amount of space you can decorate for Halloween, don’t fret! Your front door and patio area are all you need to create the spookiest Halloween decor. Read on for three small space decorating tips for Halloween.

Visit Your Local Dollar Store

Your local dollar store has a plethora of small items for decorating at prices that won’t break the bank. Your front door is the perfect real estate for hanging decorations and using stick-on pieces. Before you begin decorating your door, buy some construction paper from the dollar store and tape it on. This will protect you from any incidental charges at the end of your lease. Then, have at it! Use spider webs, sticky eyeballs, hanging brooms, and other cute, crafty Halloween decoration items you find. 

Capitalize on String Lights & Orbs

Along with the items you can find at your local dollar store, use orange string lights and spinning light orb balls to bring to life to your balcony! Many spinning orb lights have different colors or project tiny witches, bats, and other Halloween creatures. On your patio, you can put some larger Halloween decor items as well. Just make sure you still have room to walk out and enjoy the crisp autumn breeze. 

A Classic Combination – Pumpkins & Candles

You can never go wrong with a carved pumpkin. Invite some friends over and begin carving away. From owls and witches to crazy faces, names, and more, you can create fun carved pumpkins that are unique. At night, place a candle inside of the pumpkin so the carvings come to life! The flicker of the flame inside of a pumpkin can create a fun, yet spooky, Halloween vibe on your patio. 

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have great Halloween decorations! If you need small stands to help hold your decorations, Raley’s Furniture can help you find exactly what you need at prices you’ll love. 

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