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Theater From Home: Setting Up Home Entertainment

May 18, 2020

While we may not be able to go to the theater, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to enjoy a movie! Add a few pieces of furniture and grab the snacks. You can easily create a comfy home theater so you can watch your favorite movies with your loved ones. 

Comfortable Seating

You need comfortable seating that allows you to truly kick back and relax. The farther you sink into your couch or chair, the better. The perfect living room set should allow everyone to have the best seat in the house! 

A Quality TV (and a Place to Put It)

While you may not have room for a full theater system, a quality TV and exceptional entertainment stand work just as well! Bonus points if your entertainment stand allows you to store your favorite DVDs and drink coasters in one place.  

The Perfect Movie

The range of movies available online and in your DVD/Blu-Ray collection can make it take just as long to select a movie as it will to watch it. Decide ahead of time what genre you want to help select the perfect movie. 


Whether you are watching a movie that has you on the edge of your seat or laughing so hard you begin to cry, snacks are standard for any movie. Popcorn, candy, ice cream, and movies are all appropriate. 

With the right seating and the company of your loved ones, you can safely enjoy the perfect movie from the comfort of your home. The real challenge is agreeing on a perfect movie so you can begin to enjoy your home theater sooner than later. And while you’re at it, shop at Raley’s Home Furnishings to see what stylish home pieces are right for you.

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