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The Best Tips For A Clutter-Free Home

August 17, 2020

Clutter, clutter, everywhere! We all have it around our homes and can affect us in different ways. Some experts explain that clutter can distract us, reduce our creativity, and even increase stress levels. There are some easy ways to hide away and organize unnecessary items so you can live and love a beautiful, clutter-free home. Let’s get started.

Baskets, Bins, and Containers

Everyday clutter adds up so contain it in decorative storage containers like bins, baskets, and vintage suitcases. They look great and are awesome spots for clutter. There are even cleverly designed accent furniture and accent pieces like ottomans that have built-in storage to easily hide clutter away. Display them near high traffic areas so the entire family has convenient access.

Bench the Clutter!

It’s no secret that today’s families are busier than ever and when they are home want it to be comfortable and beautifully clutter-free. Modern families appreciate furniture designs that reflect their lifestyles like handy storage benches near an entryway that provide a convenient drop off for shopping bags, book bags, and other items. Storage benches also create a smart spot for keeping favorite book collections.

Display on a Tray

A tried and true interior designer tip is to use decorative trays for clutter control. Display a tray on a sofa table to contain magazines and remote controls, on a bedroom dresser for perfume and jewelry, and even in the bathroom for makeup and hair care items. Decorative trays also provide a convenient spot for a key catch-all in the kitchen or breezeway.

Gather the family together to discuss your clutter situation and when everyone agrees on how to contain the clutter, visit Raley’s. We are your home interior and clutter-free experts and will happily help you to create a beautiful, happy home.

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