Style Your Dining Room With The Right Accents

May 11, 2020

For some of us, the dining room is the heart of our home. It is a space where we spend time sharing stories, dining together, and making memories. It’s the little things that can mean a lot, so we want you to style your dining room with the right furnishings, dinnerware, and accessories to make the most of every single moment. Here are some easy additions to make your dining room more welcoming than ever.

Creative Centerpieces

If you prefer a minimalist look in your dining room, a beautiful centerpiece may be the only accent you need. A fresh or faux floral arrangement in a beautiful vase creates a focal point to set the mood of the room. The arrangement could be as simple as a glass jar filled with freshly cut flowers to a professionally designed silk arrangement that coordinates with your dinnerware. Other centerpiece ideas can be candle arrangements or decorative bowls filled with candy.

Fine China

Dinnerware is another way to elevate the look of your dining room. As a matter of fact, it looks just as beautiful displayed inside a china cabinet as it does when arranged on a holiday table. Most of us reserve our fine china collections for special occasions. Consider pulling a serving bowl or platter out from the cabinet and use them to elevate a weekday meal or weekend brunch.

Flooring Foundations

Some designers work from the bottom up when creating a comfortable space. Area rugs aren’t usually the most noticed feature in a dining room but are essential to the overall atmosphere of the space. Before selecting an area rug, take a look at the overall room; the colors, the accents, wall color, window treatments, and even the dinnerware. Then select a rug style that will beautifully tie the entire room together.

The Raley’s Home Furnishings team is always here to help make your everyday moments, special memory-making occasions. 

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