Store The Clutter So Your Home Can Shine

July 2, 2020

We all have certain items we just can’t get rid of and you shouldn’t have to! However, that doesn’t mean you need to have it out and about for every guest to see when they enter your home. You can store your treasured keepsakes away in places that are easily accessible to you without being visible clutter. 

Underneath the Bed

The room underneath each family member’s bed is often wasted space that can be greatly utilized to hide away clutter. Whether it is winter gear, old kids’ toys, or anything else that isn’t often needed around the house, it can usually be stored under the bed. For a more organized and chic feel, consider a bed with storage drawers underneath.

Vertically on the Wall

The amount of wall space in your home that is empty can easily be used to store the clutter. This is especially true in different parts of your home that aren’t often seen by guests, such as your office, garage, or laundry room. Install shelves or sturdy hooks that can hold some of the clutter you don’t necessarily want out in the open anymore. 

In the Drawer

Just like you use the odds and ends drawer in your kitchen to store things that don’t have a home, you can use other drawers in your home to hide clutter. Your end table, accent cabinets, and chest of drawers all have drawers that are beginning for something to hold. 

In Vacuum Storage Bags

If you have a limited amount of area to store your clutter, consider using space bags to maximize the amount of clutter you can store in each space. These bags suck out the air to make puffy jackets, knitted sweaters, and other soft items a fraction of the size they usually are. 

Once you exhaust all of your hidden spaces in your home to store away your family’s clutter, visit Raley’s Home Furnishings. We have functional and stylish pieces that can help your home stay organized. 

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