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Space-Saving Tips For Your Bedroom

November 25, 2019

Do you have a bedroom that’s smaller than you’d like? Does it look and feel crowded? Here are a few tips to create a little more breathing room in a limited space.

A Chest Instead of a Dresser

A chest of drawers can store the same amount of clothing as a dresser, but it takes up less real estate. It’s one of the easiest ways to reclaim a few square feet. If you miss the mirror, treat yourself to a new one for the wall.

Storage Bed

Even the narrowest chest takes up some of your room, but a storage bed gives you extra drawers with no lost floor space at all. Those drawers can be at the foot or on the sides, and some beds have bookcases built into the headboard.

Even with a standard bed, you can reclaim under-bed space with plastic containers designed to slide below. Also, a storage bench at the foot of the bed provides a place to sit as well as valuable shelf space.

Consider moving your bed against a wall or into the corner. It’s not for everyone – it’s harder to make the bed – but it can open up a tight room.

Think Vertical

That bedroom has height as well as length and width. Use it. If you need a bookcase, choose a tall, narrow one. Add some high wall shelves.

Make It Feel Bigger

Unless you knock down a wall, you can’t change the actual size of your bedroom, but you can increase its apparent size. Light walls and bright colors make any space seem airier. Consider bedspreads, throws, and decor of white with a brilliant accent such as rose or electric blue.

When you shop for bedroom furniture, prefer pieces with thin legs and nightstands without sides. They help the room feel less cluttered.

With cheerful colors, clever use of wall space and judicious furniture selection, that minimal space can yield maximum contentment.

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