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Prevent the Spread Of Germs: Disinfect Your Home With These Tips

March 9, 2020

Cold and flu season is upon us and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before one or more of your family members gets something. It’s incredibly easy to clean non-porous, hard surfaces like tile or marble using bleach. What about woods, fabrics, and curtains? Before sneezing and wheezing season destroys your sanity, let’s look at some quick and simple ways to disinfect your home.

Living room

Carpets, drapes, pillows, and loveseats, the living room screams comfort. This is also why, traditionally, people suffering from a sickness like to lounge there and why you’ll need to take care to make sure it’s disinfected.

For drapes, blankets, pillowcases or anything that can be removed and safely washed, add 1 cup (0.24 l) of bleach (if the fabrics are white). If they’re colored, use color-safe bleach or Pinesol and in both cases, wash them on the hottest possible setting.

For carpets, sofas, and other furniture, use a steam cleaner to kill microbes. Some vacuums actually have an ultraviolet light emitter attached, specifically for killing pathogens on furniture and carpets.


Anything that can be washed in the bedroom including sheets and pillow covers needs to be in the disinfecting manner listed above. Hot water, bleach for whites or Pinesol/Lysol for colors. A steam-cleaner will fix carpets, but what about the mattress?

Clean up any soiling as good as possible, removing stains if you can. After that, use a disinfecting solution like Lysol or bleach in a 1:4 ratio with water to clean the surface very well. When it dries, add a disinfecting powder and vacuum off when it’s sat long enough.

Dining Room

While marble counters and other surfaces can be cleaned with a 1:4 bleach solution, the beautiful wood of your dining room table might be another story. If the wood is well-sealed, all-purpose Lysol can do the trick. If the wood is raw or porous, you’re better off with Pinesol which is specifically formulated to keep wood looking good.

Keeping each room sanitized as your loved ones sneeze and cough their way through the season can be tough, but it’s a small price to pay to stay healthy. Use the right cleaning methods and your furniture will stay looking good as well.

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