Make Your Living Room Pop With Accent Chairs

June 2, 2020

Your living room should be an area in your home that captures your family’s fun, energy, and exciting moments. If you feel like your living room is missing that one thing that will pull it all together, consider adding an accent chair or two. 

Felix Dune Mcalister Mineral

Style and purpose blend together to create an exceptional chair that can fit with any living room style. The large plaid pattern is accented with soft beige, green, and blue colors to bring fun and comfort into your home. 


When you need an accent chair that is as bold as you are, you can end your search here. The X base design combined with the gold metal frame creates a striking accent piece. To add to the luxurious feel of the chair, a gray faux leather is used for the upholstery. 

Honnally Floral

You may think floral is better left to grandmothers, but this accent chair will make you change your mind. This bohemian chic chair combines abstract patterns and bright, happy colors. It brings in a new, fresh twist to your living room and redefines how you will think of floral. 

Copeland Linen

This modern accent chair brings distressing into a new light. Rather than seeming old and damaged, the chair appears fun and new. It combines two-tone effects and neutral colors to create a look that can work with any taste or style. 

Accent chairs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Take a stroll through Raley’s Home Furnishings showroom or peruse our living room set collections online to find the one that is right for your living room.  

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