Layer Your Bed For Some Comfort And Elegance

May 25, 2020

Your bedroom should be your happy, beautiful, cozy sanctuary that you look forward to relaxing in. Part of the entire experience is its beauty, so when you walk through the bedroom door, all the worries of the day fade away. Layering creates a sweet, cozy, and comfortable space, not to mention adds a touch of designer style. Here are a few steps to doing so:

Layer Your Bedding

Creating a beautiful bed is the first step to layering your dreamy room. First, select a quality mattress and the highest thread count silky sheets and pillowcases. White is best because every color you layer will coordinate seamlessly. Some designers suggest layering more than one set of sheets for a more luxurious feel! Next, add a soft, plush blanket or two. Continue to layer a duvet, quilt, or a throw, folding them differently adding dimension and subtle drama. 

Layer Fluffy, Soft Pillows

Pillows are must-have cozy accents for any room, especially the bedroom. Multiple pillows that are all different sizes, shapes, and colors are perfect layering pieces that extend beyond the bed. Arrange pillows on chairs, stack them on the floor, tuck a few into open shelves and any other empty spot so they are handy when you need one or two, or three! 

Layer Your Cozy Color

Now let’s talk about layering with color. Color is one of the easiest ways to enjoy different looks throughout the year. We all think of easy, breezy white as a basic, so start there. If neutral is your go-to, then accessorize with other neutrals like shades of white, beige, and gray, If color makes you happy, then introduce a cozy color palette with multiple shades and use it throughout the room including bedding, pillows, window treatments, and accessories.

Raley’s Home Furnishings is always here to help you create the most comfortable and cozy bedrooms so all of your decorating dreams will come true.

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