Incorporating The Urban Farmhouse Look In Your Bedroom Design

January 20, 2020

Throughout the last half of the previous decade, we saw examples of the modern farmhouse interior design style everywhere. From lifestyle magazines to television shows, people wanted to emulate what they saw inside on TV and magazine pages inside their own homes. But that design trend is dated. And a new design phenomenon is replacing it. We call the new style Urban Farmhouse. Urban Farmhouse combines elements of the rustic farmhouse look we love and industrial features to create a timeless design that’s ideally suited to urban lifestyles.

The Jerrick Queen Bedroom Set

The solid hardwoods used in this bedroom have a burnished finish that creates the look of reclaimed wood while showcasing the beautiful grain of each piece of wood. The combination of dark hardwood and metal hardware accents gives the set a sophisticated rustic look. The collection consists of the bed, a dresser with a mirror, and one nightstand. This timeless set is sure to stand the test of time.

Warner Queen Bed with Dresser, Mirror, and Nightstand

The clean lines of this bedroom set offer a simplicity that people look for in an urban design. At the same time, the rustic chestnut stain captures the essence of a farmhouse vibe. The set includes the queen size bed frame and headboard,  the dresser and mirror, and one nightstand.  

Lifestyle 8311A Queen Bed with Dresser, Mirror, and Nightstand

Modern clean lines set the stage for this Urban Farmhouse set that features weathered raw hardwoods that look like they’re reclaimed. If you love the look of natural wood as much as we do, you’ll gush at the sight of this beautiful bedroom set. You won’t have to worry that this set will ever go out of style. 

Cool Rustic – Mink King Storage Bed

The two x’s that cover the vertical headboard slats divide the two sides of the bed but add a rustic touch you might find in farmhouse designs. The wood’s weathered-look finish gives the bed an urban, industrial feel. The sleek and modern lines of the dresser, mirror, and nightstand capture the essence of what you’d expect to see in an urban bedroom. 

Let our knowledgeable customer service specialists at Raley’s Home Furnishings help you transform your bedroom into a warm and inviting Urban Farmhouse.

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