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How To Make Your Living Room Cozier In The Winter

December 2, 2019

If you like spending winter days curled up with a book and cocoa, you need a living room that exudes warmth. Cheerful coloring, welcoming furniture, and winter-friendly decor will transform a flat, neutral room into one that beckons you to settle in.

Cozy Colors and Inviting Lights

Pastels are upbeat in spring but turn cold as days get short. Gray is fashionable but can be distant and impersonal. Eggshell and cream are fine for background, but for furniture and decor, a darker color conveys that tucked-in-for-winter feel. Try deep and rich reds, burgundies, and more vibrant shades of blue and even purple. Mixed and matched furniture colors might surprise you with their mood-lifting whimsy. Choose curtains that add to the color mix when they’re closed. Bring in a hint of summer with some artificial flowers or a splash of yellow.

A lot of little lights give you more options than a large central one. Use candles, lanterns and floor and desk lamps to produce a winter hideaway where you can switch emphasis to different parts of the room.

The Warmth of Texture

The emphasis is on fringed, woven and loose. Use plenty of rough-textured pillows in deep colors and patterns, and throws in off-whites as well as brights. Drape sofas with knits and cables. You can’t have too many blankets: scatter them, with all colors, patterns, and weaves, to keep a wide selection ready for your lap.

Nothing invigorates a living room like a few area rugs. Your floor may be hardwood or neutral carpeting, but a rich, boldly patterned rug makes your room the place you want to be.

Don’t forget wood; it’s a textural component too. Tables in varied natural shades and chairs with exposed wood are another homey element. As sunsets start arriving earlier, imagine how warm your living room can be with furniture and decor through the coming season.

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