How To Choose The Right Nightstand For Your Bedroom

December 23, 2019

It’s always nice to have a cup of water and your phone easily accessible in the middle of the night, should you need anything. Without a nightstand, it can be difficult to reach any items. Placement and size are important aspects, so consider these four tips to help you choose the right nightstand for your bedroom.


When you desire a nightstand in your bedroom, you must consider the size. Do you want a large nightstand or a small one? Look at the size of your room and determine what can fit. If you typically journal or read from your bed, consider the largest nightstand that will fit in your bedroom. 


What space do you have for your nightstand? Many are square shape, so it is difficult to place a nightstand creatively. If you have space to catty-corner the nightstand, you can use the corner space and maximize the square footage of the room. 


If you place it directly next to the bed, you will be limited to the area the nightstand can be placed in the room. Make sure your bed and nightstand are placed in complementary areas. 


How will you use it? Do you need it to store books/journals or charge a phone? Ensure you find a stand that has the height and drawers you need that allows you to store and access items. 

Your bedroom should be the oasis you dream of as soon as you get off of work. When it comes to nightstands, Raley’s Home Furnishings has a wide selection to choose from.

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