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Give Dad The Gift Of A Furniture Upgrade This Father’s Day

June 8, 2020

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, it’s important to save mom and the rest of the family from dad’s quarantine furniture building skills. While it may have kept him entertained over the past few weeks/months, it’s time to bring the house back up to speed. Give dad the greatest gift of all this Father’s Day: a home furniture upgrade. 

Dad’s New “I’m Not Falling Asleep” Spot

We know dad is famous for saying he isn’t tired and then snoring 10 minutes later. So, give him an upgraded seat to fall asleep in. This living room set has the comfiest couch and loveseat combo, so you may even find yourself taking a snooze next to dad after a family meal. 

Dining Room Table & Seating for the Whole Family

While you and your siblings may not all get together at the house for a family meal often these days, you know dad wants a seat at the head of the table when the occasion arises. This dining room table set combines style, size, and comfort. It’s dad-approved and mom will appreciate the chic style in the dining room. 

A Bedroom Fit for a King

After a long day of completing a honey-do list for mom, dad deserves a space to relax. This king-size bedroom set is perfect for the man who is always giving to the family. It wraps a bed, dresser, nightstand, and mirror all into one package. 

When you aren’t sure what to get your dad this Father’s Day, you can never go wrong with increasing his comfort while he is relaxing in the house. Whether you opt to improve his furniture in the living room, dining room, or bedroom (or all three rooms), the entire team at Raley’s Home Furnishings hopes you and your dad have a wonderful Father’s Day. 

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