Fall In Love With These 3 Fall Decor Trends

August 31, 2020

The key to decorating your home is to make it comfortable, welcoming, and full of your personality. 2020 has thrown some challenges our way and indirectly changed our views about our definition of home sweet home. Most of us are spending much more time at home, working remotely, going to school, exercising, and everything in-between. The overall trend for Fall 2020 is creating spaces that are more comfortable and multi-functional than ever before. Here are three fall decor trends to make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Selecting Timeless, Lasting Looks

Timeless and eclectic are trending this fall. The future counts to today’s homeowners so they are purchasing quality furniture and other items that are timeless and will take them into the future. They will wait until they can afford something they love before buying lower quality items. This includes bedroom collections, living room ensembles, and original artwork, among others. 

Refashioning the Dining Room

Families are using the dining room for more than just formal affairs and special occasions. This once off-limits space is now a common spot for enjoying an everyday meal together and the space dedicated for remote working. The formal look is being refashioned with modern furniture, creative accents, and enhanced lighting to meet our new normal.

Portable and Multi-Functional

Busy modern lifestyles require furniture pieces that can be moved around the room and used for more than one reason. For example, ottomans provide a comfy spot for lifting your feet, storage underneath for games and craft supplies, and additional seating. Another example is cocktail tables designed to cleverly lift up to create a standing desk for a convenient home office. 

At Raley’s Home Furnishings we celebrate happy homes and our customer happiness team will help you design whatever you need to make it happy!

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