Design Your Dining Room With These 3 Styles

December 9, 2019

Does your dining room have a personality? Does your dining suite express a concept, or is it just a collection of pieces? With the right dining set, you can set a tone for the room, and there are many styles to choose from. Here are three.

Reestablish the Classic Look

A classic dining room isn’t often seen these days, and that’s a shame. There’s something about plush chairs, rich wood and elegant subtly curved legs that elevates the atmosphere and the conversation. This Chambord Dining Set looks great under a chandelier in a room with a hardwood floor and a handsome rug. Fine wall art completes a traditional look that lends a luxurious break from life’s hustle-bustle.

Dare to Be Modern

Glass and metal epitomize the modern style in this eye-catching Dom Dining Set. Sleek and minimalist are the watchwords for the room where this adventuresome suite is the centerpiece. Choose a non-traditional buffet or credenza to extend the contemporary theme. Add floor lamps, candlesticks, and decor that’s tall, thin, metallic and daring. Geometric design for table and wall sculpture is a fitting state-of-the-art touch.

Hark Back with a Rustic Statement

Even if you live in a town or city, you can bring in a piece of the farmhouse with a rustic style. This Emerson Natural Sheesham ensemble features interesting grained wood with polished-over rough-hewn edging. In addition to the artistically countrified chairs, the set includes a table-length bench. It’s perfect for lining up the kids at your next extended family gathering. Quaint open storage pieces and wall mounted shelves and racks can complete the trip into more congenial time and place.

Make your escape from a boring, unremarkable dining space. Whether your taste runs to classic, modern, rustic or some other style entirely, choose a dining set that speaks to your design inclinations and build out the room around it. Enjoy a taste of the extraordinary every time you sit down to eat.

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