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Create a Stylish “Dream Come True” Bedroom

July 20, 2020

Stylish sweet dreams are just a few simple decorating tips away. Adding your personality and unique style to your bedroom will create a comfortable space for you to enjoy throughout the entire day. Here are three ideas for creating a stylish, comfortable bedroom.

Select a Soothing Color

Think about what colors and color combinations make you relax and feel cozy. The color palette for your bedroom should be soft, subtle, and serene. Select neutral color so it will be easy for you to coordinate your bedding, window treatments, and other accents. Some soothing colors include shades of green, blue, lavender, and brown.

Create a Beautiful and Comfy Bed

Your bed should be the focal point for your bedroom and you can easily make it the star of the show. Create a look of luxury with ultra-soft sheets, blankets and throws. Layer different sizes, shapes, and colors of accent pillows to add even more comfort with a touch of sophistication.

Add Accents You Love

Hang beautiful wall art throughout the room, display framed photographs of family and heartwarming memories, and enhance the floor with decorative area rugs. Your bedroom should include accents you love and enjoy.

Create Ambience with Lighting

Lighting can instantly improve the look and mood of a bedroom. Instead of using the overhead light, add decorative lamps with adjustable lightbulbs throughout the room. If you need bright light, turn them all on the highest setting. For a more romantic, relaxing ambiance turn on just one lamp. 

Remove Clutter

Rid your room and mind of clutter. Add furniture that also serves as storage so your bedroom is clutter-free. Take full advantage of your closets, the space under your bed and tables with built-in storage.

Our Raley’s team is ready to help you create a stylish bedroom.

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