Cozy Up In Your Very Own Library

August 30, 2019

Rather than leaving a spare room to collect dust, cultivate your own personal, cozy library. From reading to working, having your own space to disappear to for a few hours can inspire creativity and imagination like never before. If you aren’t sure where to start with designing your own library, consider the following items. 

Display Your Favorite Collections

A bookcase is a must in a personal library. From books and collections to sentimental items and gifts, anything you want can be displayed on the shelves. The Gramercy Park gray museum bookcase pairs perfectly with any personal decor style. Better still, when your library grows, Gramercy Park has a bookcase extension that can be easily added to fit your expanding collection. 

Curl Up with a Classic Book 

Rainy days create the perfect reading days. Escaping to a dedicated library with a cozy, comfortable seating area can create the perfect environment for finishing that book you’ve been meaning to get to for so long. The Harper Mineral Loveseat has a chic look and is incredibly comfortable to sit on for hours. It will be hard to put down the book in your hands. With the comfortable backing paired with lush pillows, you may just have to start the next chapter anyway. The world can wait.

Have a Drink within Reach

From water, coffee, or tea to wine or cocktails, it’s best to enjoy your time in your newly cultivated library with a drink nearby. No one wants to put down a book when it’s just getting to the good part. Be sure to place the Pizzaz round cocktail table next to your seating or desk area to ensure optimal reach. 

Raley’s Home Furnishings has helped customers just like you create their perfect spaces for over half a century. No matter the space needed to fill, Raley’s has the furniture pieces you need that fit your style and budget. 

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