Choosing The Right Art Pieces For Each Room Of Your Home

August 16, 2019

Art in your home provides the opportunity to create conversations when guests arrive and reminisce about a time or place featured in the piece. Choosing the right art pieces for each room can be challenging if you are sure of the direction you are headed. Fear not — Raley’s Furniture is here to help guide you through the process.

Perfect Living Room Art Decor

The seating available in your living room is the first thing the eye is drawn to when someone enters the room. If you have a bright colored couch, you will want to stick with muted color art since you already have a bold piece. If your seating has muted colors, go big and bold with bright colors in your art decor.  

Breathtaking Art for Your Dining Room

The dining room is a place meant to share wonderful meals and tell exciting stories about old times and new adventures. Rather than distracting family, friends, or guests from the conversation, select art pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, yet don’t have a huge focus point. 

Lovely Art Pieces to Compliment the Bedroom

Your bedroom should reflect your personality and showcase what speaks to you. When shopping for art pieces for your bedroom, go with what you love! You can’t go wrong with art in the bedroom. As long as you love looking at it, the art piece you purchase with compliment the room. 

Exceptional Art to Hang in Your Bathroom

Bathroom art is kind of like hotel art. It’s timeless and pleasing to the eye. You don’t want to go too big or bold with bathroom art. During a relaxing bath or shower, you aren’t going to want to have bright colors shouting at you. 

Our passion for helping customers like you choose the right art pieces of every room in your home has been evident since Billy Raley opened our doors in 1958. We cherish the opportunity to help you with all of your home decor and furniture needs. 

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