Choosing An Ideal Bed With A Headboard That Sets It Apart

March 2, 2020

The bed is the focal point of your bedroom, and the headboard is the focal point of your bed. Whether you’re buying just a bed or treating yourself to an entire bedroom suite, choose a sleeping space that’s comfortable, useful and stylish. One topped off with a distinctive headboard. A headboard that can lead the fashion parade for every piece of furniture in the room.


For comfort, the Larimer Upholstered Storage Bed not only looks the part but delivers the comfort it promises. The plush headboard with its button tufting sets a pleasant and relaxed tone for the entire room. Imagine resting your back against it while engrossing yourself in your favorite nighttime reading. Picture a thick complementing bedspread with bedding and headboard enveloped in the rich brown frame. At the foot, the rounded legs echo that headboard’s subtle yet serene shape.


If storage appeals to you, the Brookside Bed Set is not only handsome and inviting but also puts the headboard to work. The bookshelf headboard provides two arched recesses and two smaller shelves for pictures, baskets, and other knickknacks, or even an overnight spot for your book. The bed has high floor clearance that provides an additional hideaway. The simple yet refined paneling of the footboard is reflected in the drawer styling of the dresser, mirror, chest, and nightstand.


For a style that’s distinctive and contemporary, look no further than the City Scape Bed with dresser and mirror. Just feast your eyes on the detail of the intricate wood and metal design. The headboard makes a bold modern statement with the lush wood graining and the sleek metal outlining, and the footboard, dresser, and mirror follow suit. Every time your guests look admire it they’ll see new aspects of the sophisticated Home Insights design.

Whatever you’re looking for in a bed, Raley’s Home Furnishings has the comfort, storage, and style for you, and each one comes with a headboard that crowns it with an exclamation point.

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