Bring A Taste Of City Glam Style Into Your Dining Room

March 16, 2020

Whether you find yourself in the heart of the city or in the suburbs, there is no denying that City Glam style is chic, fun, and exciting. From the metallic tones and exquisite frames, this chic style gives your dining room a luxurious feel. You can make the glamour of yesteryear fresh and new by upgrading your dining room with one of the three options below. We promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Stone Dining Set

The Cityscapes Stone Rectangular Dining Set encompasses city glam style perfectly. The combination of mixed media with crisp modern lines and beaded areas on the chair gives your eye something to catch every time you walk into the room. Wood, brass, and metal come together to give your dining room a fresh look and chic feel. 

Chic Dining Room Package

Get ready to combine chic and contemporary with the Alina Dining Room Package. All six chairs are as sleek and modern as anything you would see in the big city. Super bright white and chrome details come together to create a bold, yet clean, piece. Better still, with two expandable leaves, you can always make room for additional guests while you entertain. 

Glass Dining Table

Glass and acrylic come together in this Dining Table to bring modern style and personality into your dining room. Seeing is believing, so don’t be afraid of checking out this glass table in one of our showrooms. This glass table truly brings the taste of the city into your home because it is a bold statement piece – just like you would find in the most fashionable and chic homes in large areas. 

If chic, savvy, modern, and contemporary are your style, you need to consider upgrading your dining room with one of these tables and sets from Raley’s Home Furnishings. You will be amazed by how your space is transformed and ties together City Glam style throughout your home. 

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