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Brighten Your Home With The Latest Furniture Trends For 2020

November 18, 2019

When you shop for furniture this Black Friday, remember that your selections will adorn your home throughout 2020. Consider the trending importance of shapes and textures and look for items with a natural, organic look, and display them with an emphasis on light.

The Sociable Living Room

What’s more natural than good times with family and friends? Especially when there are lots of places to sit. Consider using two sofas placed perpendicular, or a modular unit plus a love seat to allow your visitors to mingle even when they aren’t moving around. Place them close enough to make a statement that the room is designed for interaction. Vary the height and depth of your complementing pieces. Let curves emphasize the intimacy of the setting, and finish it off with contrasting textural patterns on the throw pillows.

The Natural Country Dining Room

High-quality tables and chairs of oak and similar woods are the focus of this look. Multiple wood shades on straight lines with oh-so-subtle rounding lend an atmosphere that is at the same time simple and refined. Subdued touches of color in the decor create liveliness without detracting from the pastoral theme. It adds up to a dining room where friends will want to linger over coffee and dessert. 

Color Reemerges in the Bedroom

If your master bedroom has passed several seasons with a minimalist look, it’s time to start reintroducing a touch of brightness. A couple of nightstand lamps with some interesting lampshades or a loose-weave throw blanket will start to build some new interest. Think about updating wall art to celebrate the new color choices.

In all your remodeling let lighting have its say. Lightweight curtains of material such as linen promote brightness in a way that heavy curtains and shades can’t. Floor lamps aimed strategically diffuse light throughout the room. The cheerful, natural and friendly look will bring joy to your home this season, next year and beyond.

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