Bookcase Elegance For Your Personal Style

September 7, 2020

Bookcases are for more than just storing your book collections. They are beautiful focal points for any room. Bookcases are like blank canvases where you can create decorative elements, personalize with beloved mementos and use to elevate the overall look of a room. Go straight to the head of the decor class with these creative and stylish ideas.

Stack Books for Height

Stack two or three hardback books to create a mini shelf. On top, display a grouping with your favorite pictures, vases, and other home accents. This creates an appealing visual element.

Create Color Blocks

Color is a perfect way to showcase your style and your book collection. Similar to arranging clothes in your closet, separate your books by their color and arrange them together. This color blocking will add an artistic visual effect.

Divide and Conquer

Think of a library for this idea. Freestanding bookcases can separate a large space into smaller spaces while at the same time creating an eye-catching decorative element. Simply move the bookcase from against the wall and fill it with books, artwork or collectibles.

Shelve Art Collections

Art lovers might find it challenging to find enough wall space to hang their entire collections. Bookcases are perfect for displaying art on decorative easels, leaning against the back of the bookcase case to create your very own stunning mini art museum. 

Double Duty

Bookcases offer double duty as decorative storage. Folded blankets and sheets and extra accent pillows look lovely in a bedroom while towels, washcloths, and toiletries provide a sensational spa touch in a bathroom.

Bird’s Eye View

In addition to the inside bookshelves, display artwork and larger elements on the top of the bookcase and enjoy the amazing stylish view.

Raley’s Furniture encourages you to embrace bookcase style and personalize your home today.

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