Beyond The Books: Styling Your Bookcase

August 2, 2019

Bookcases are very practical home decor and storage solutions that can make the home seem warmer and more welcoming. Even if you don’t yet have a carefully curated collection of books, you can use these three options to create a design statement using bookcases in your home.

Art Display

Bookcases are a wonderful place to display objects that reflect your taste and character. To keep your bookcases from  looking cluttered, decorators recommend that you resist the urge to pack multiple objects on every shelf. One or two large statement pieces perhaps accented by greenery is more effective than a half dozen smaller items in the same space. Use a simple color scheme so that you create a unified look and step back frequently to check whether your design scheme is balanced and eye-catching. 

Photos of Family and Friends

Bookcases are lovely places to display photos of family and friends. Remember that larger photos are more visually appealing than dozens of smaller frames, so choose pictures that enlarge well.  You can accent the photos by including some decorative sculpture, plants, or ivies on your bookcases

Practical Concerns

For many, a bookcase cannot merely be a place for displaying things. For homes that lack storage, a bookcase may need to serve more practically.  Objects like charger cords for electronics, remote controls, and magazines may be unsightly, but a bookcase can provide a backdrop for convenient and attractive storage options for these items.  You can corral remotes, charger cords, and magazines in decorative baskets, pottery pieces, or fake books. Mix and match these storage options to conceal unattractive but necessary objects on your bookcases. 

However you choose to use your bookcases, be sure to match the look of your bookcases to the rest of your home, whether traditional, rustic, or modern. Whether you use your bookcases for books or for a display case, bookcases are a great design choice for all tastes. In the meantime, check out our store and see what else we can offer for your home.

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