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Best Ideas For Displaying Travel Souvenirs In Your Home

April 26, 2021

Being able to travel is a wonderful gift. Picking up souvenirs is the best way to take home a memory of each trip. Whether you like to collect the same thing from every place you visit or prefer to choose something unique from each location, displaying them all throughout your home can be a challenge to pull off. Here are some ideas for displaying your travel souvenirs without making your space look cluttered or tacky,

Carefully Curated Bookcase

Add a bookcase to one wall and take stock of what items you have that you’d like to display. Pick out items with a similar color scheme or theme and group them together. Place items in between stacks of books, or make the entire bookcase a display shelf. Due to its large size, a bookcase might be best for your larger souvenirs like picture frames and vases.

Cocktail Table Display

Create a display on the center of your cocktail table to wow your guests. If you place this piece in your living room you’ll be sure to see it every day and relive the fun memories of your trip. This can be one large item or a collection of smaller items that go well together. Considering using a placement or small table runner to protect your table’s surface.

Decorative End Tables

Every room should have a few end tables available. Use this space to group together a few smaller items from the same trip, the same part of the world, or that are variances on the same type of object. You can also use home accents like pillows and throw blankets in coordinating colors to really bring attention to your souvenirs.

Find the Perfect Piece at Raley’s

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