A Bedroom That Grows With Your Child

August 23, 2019

When your toddler is too big for a crib and it’s time to buy the first real bed, you might also start thinking about how the bedroom will look as your child grows. The tank engine bedspread and the cartoon elephant wallpaper may be the coolest thing in the world to your 3-year-old, but there will come a time when they look at those once-beloved images and groan. There are steps you can take to avoid a complete remodel every time your child reaches a new stage.

Use Childhood Themes Only for Accessories and Decor

They won’t want the Elsa lampshade or the tank engine comforter forever. And that’s okay; it’s not much trouble to replace these items. But what are you going to do with a bed or dresser with a carved mermaid theme, or one that’s pink or white? Maybe you can give it a second life by restaining, but it might be better to choose a more neutral style in the first place.

Consider Paint Instead of Wallpaper

If you deck the walls with the latest Disney characters, in a few years you’ll hear, “Mom, Dad, I’m just not into that anymore.” On the other hand, pastel paint can be readily changed when it’s no longer appropriate. When your tween asks for their newfound favorite color, you can give it without the chore of wallpaper removal.

Storage Beds are Fun for All Ages

Every child wants spaces they can call their own. A storage bed provides place they can stash their “special stuff.” Over the years the contents of the underbed drawers will change. And on bookshelf headboards, dolls and animals will give way to books and diaries, but the sense of ownership will never get old.

Whatever your youngster’s age or tastes, Raley’s Furniture has them covered. Build the room that will be your child’s happy home now and for years to come.

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