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5 Accessories To Make Your New Year’s Eve Special

December 16, 2019

Have you ever wondered if you could have a glamorous and special New Year’s Eve at home? Spending the night before the New Year arrives at home should never be boring. You can start to make your home feel blinged out and regal with accessories. Here are some suggestions to make your holiday evening sparkle and glimmer. 

Gold-Rimmed Champagne Flutes and Wine Glasses

Some people can’t envision a New Year’s Eve celebration without the customary Champagne toast at the stroke of midnight. For a glammed up touch, pour your bubbly into our Felicia Gold Rimmed Champagne Flutes. The matching wine glasses are also appropriate. 

Elegant Gold Filigree Candle Holders

You can’t have a New Year’s Eve celebration and not serve food. Whether you’re having a small sit-down dinner or a buffet for a large group, you must have candles in the center of your table. A group of Duchess Candle Holders will transform your table into the picture of elegance. 

Ashland 2-Piece Candle Holders 

Entertain your guests with sophistication. Candlelight creates an ambiance that you can’t get with traditional lighting. This set of two bronze filigree and glass will add a touch of elegance to your sophisticated New Year’s Eve festivities. 

Votive Candles 

Forget about overhead lights or table lamps. If you want to create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, you can’t have too many candles. This set of three Bling Candles are the perfect accessory to accent side tables, your coffee table, console table, or mantle. The shiny gold and white design will look super glitzy against the glow from the votives. 

A Glittering Cake Plate

Every party needs a cake. And a New Year’s Eve party should display the cake on a plate that maintains the sophisticated look of the rest of your accessories. The Lamour Round Cake Plate is all about luxury. The raised cake plate features a skirt of glitzy glass beads. 

New Year’s Eve comes once a year, but the addition of a few choice accessories will transform gathering into a celebration full of sparkle and shine. And you’ll be able to use these accessories any time you want to add a touch of glitz and glam to holiday parties and special occasions. 

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