4 Teen Bedroom Decorating Trends

May 3, 2021

Making a special effort to create your teenager’s bedroom into a space where they can escape the stresses of the day will be appreciated in more ways than you will ever know. They might not thank you with big hugs and kisses, but deep down inside they are giving you a high five and two thumbs up. Take a look at some popular decorating trends your teen will love…and so will you.

Create A Multi-Use Space

A teen’s bedroom can double as a stylish space to relax and a space to study. Reserve a corner of the room, preferably by a window for a desk complete with a comfy chair, bright light, bookshelf, and organizational items. 

Make Hobbies and Activities Decorative Accents

Teenagers who are involved in sports, scouts, or other activities are proud of their accomplishments. Create a theme around their activities for their bedroom, so they can share what they love with the world. Display trophies and awards on bookshelves, cleverly hang fishing rods, golf clubs, and musical instruments on the wall. When they are ready for the game or a concert, all they have to do is grab them and go!

Add Seating For Friends

Spending time with friends is important to teenagers, but hanging out on the bed isn’t always ideal. If the room is big enough, add a few comfortable accent chairs or stack accent pillows on the floor for additional seating. 

Create Ambience With Creative Lighting

Teenagers enjoy turning off bright overhead lights and turning on a decorative accent lamp and string lights. This is more relaxing and creates a personalized ambiance that enhances the room.

The designers at Raley’s Furniture encourage you to ask your teenager how they would like to decorate and organize their bedroom. Then, side by side, design it together.

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