4 Patterns That Fit In Any Home, Including Yours!

August 3, 2020

Regardless of the style, you have chosen for your home’s interior, you need patterns to further your home’s personality. Patterns keep the eye entertained as it glances over a room and gives you interesting talking points with your guests. If you aren’t sure what type of pattern to choose, consider these four that perfectly fit any home. 

Perfect Plaid

Plaid patterns create a sense of warmth and home. Available in a range of color combinations, it’s a versatile pattern that can soften furniture and accent any seating arrangement. When you look at this linen chair, consider how it makes you feel. We can almost feel the sunshine on our face and smell grandma’s pie cooking in the kitchen. 

Fresh Floral

If you think you can’t have floral patterns in your home, think again. Floral is not just for those born before 1960. New, fresh floral patterns bring fun and homey style into any room. Whether you opt for floral pillows or this floral ottoman, you will create a space where the family wants to gather. 

Grand Geometric

Defined shapes provide the eye with entertainment, even after looking at it for the 50th time. By adding geometric patterns into your home, you can complement any modern, contemporary, or classic style. When you add this geometric ottoman to your home, you will bring a fun, modern twist to your home’s personality. 

Simply Solid

Solid patterns never go out of style. They perfectly serve the purpose of complimenting any bold colors, patterns, or furniture. This solid six-piece sectional can be used in any home with ease. It will not take away from other patterns or colors. Rather, it will allow other pieces and accessories to shine brighter than ever. 

When you play with patterns in your home, you define your home’s personality and style even further. If you aren’t sure where to start, browse our online store or visit one of our showrooms and take in our vast pattern offering. 

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