3 Ways To Liven Up Your Apartment

July 13, 2020

Living in the city is fun and exciting! You are never far from the action and can always get some late-night chow delivered to your door. However, city living does tend to involve smaller apartments. Fear not! We’ve compiled the best tips for breathing the city home style into your apartment. 

Use a Light Color Pallet

Light colors help open up your space and make your city apartment seem bigger. While dark colors have their time and place, you should focus on embracing a light color pallet throughout your apartment. The bigger your space feels, the easier it is to bring in your city home style decorations. 

Invest in Multi-Functional Furniture

Every inch counts in your apartment, so make sure you have furniture that works in your favor. The size of your apartment plays a large role in what kind of multi-functional furniture you need. From sleeper sofas and bed frames with drawers to serving tables, hidden storage ottomans, and more, the furniture you need to create an eloquent flow through your space can be readily found. 

Make Your Hobbies a Focal Point

Division in a small apartment is key. It helps make entertaining and sleeping areas feel larger and more organized. Rather than hiding your hobbies in the corner, bring them into the limelight! If you’re an avid biker, use your bike storage rack to divide your open space. Botanists, artists, and every hobbyist can use their tools of the trade to create aesthetic division. 

Your city apartment can still have as much life and personality as a large home. Don’t be afraid to change out the furniture you already have with collections that creates a better looking and feeling apartment home. 

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