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3 Ways To Get Your Dining Room Thanksgiving Ready

November 4, 2019

German Butterballs, Idaho potatoes, and stuffing made with homemade cornbread are all key to a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, and don’t forget, when it comes to cranberry sauce, the gelatin mold never gets old. But to really kick the holiday up a notch, you need to get the dining room Thanksgiving-ready, too. We’re not talking about a full makeover, but the clunky metal folding chairs you lug up from the basement every year for last-minute guests aren’t going to cut it. Here are three tips for setting up your dining room to host Thanksgiving dinner.  

The Seating Question

Dry brine versus wet brine isn’t the biggest Thanksgiving question. The seating question takes that honor. Tabletop claustrophobia happens every Thanksgiving when you try to squeeze too many large dining chairs around the table. An appropriate Thanksgiving dining room set solves the space problem. Think about it: Uncle Frank isn’t relegated to the couch, and nobody has to worry about knocking over that expensive bottle of Burgundy Pinot Noir.

Lay Out a Table Runner

A striking table runner tells your guests that Thanksgiving isn’t just another meal -it’s the biggest food holiday of the year. To secure your tablescape’s place among the greats, finish the look with candlestick holders, brass lift trivets, wine coasters, and if the guest list is as long as that 5k Turkey Trot you ran last night, assigned seating place cardholders. 

Don’t Forget the Decorative Gourds

When it comes to fall decorations, a little goes a long way. Don’t turn the dining room into a holiday theme park, which means skip the pilgrim knick-knacks, autumnal cornucopias, and pumpkin spice candles. Instead, wow your guests with a buffet-style sideboard, quality silverware, fancy platters and serving trays, and a few well-placed decorative gourds.  

When it comes to preparing your dining room to host Thanksgiving dinner, a few luxe-yet-practical home accessories go a long way.

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