3 Tips For Selecting The Right Area Rug

September 21, 2020

Area rugs just might be the most overlooked style element in your home. Area rugs are actually important design tools enhancing the look of the room. Think of them as artwork for your floor and a foundation for bringing the entire look of the room together. Interior designers who understand the “magic” of area rugs will change them every season to complement other seasonal artwork and accents. Simply changing the area instantly updates the room. Take a look at three tips for selecting the right area rug for any room.

Size It Up

Is it too small, too large or just right? This is the million-dollar question, but to make your room look like a million dollars it is the first step to consider. There really isn’t any right or wrong answer, but creating a room that you love is the most important thing to consider. Before shopping, measure the floor space and mark the area you want to cover with painter’s tape. This will guide you in selecting the size that suits your room and style.

Create with Color

Colors create the personality of any room. Make sure the area rug blends with existing wall and furniture colors and patterns. If you aren’t covering the entire floor, the area rug should complement the flooring underneath. An area rug will tie the color scheme together beautifully.

Live Your Look

Select a rug that fits your lifestyle. How much maintenance is required? Consider a low pile rug if you have pets or the room is a high traffic area. If you want to create a lush, lavish look, select a higher pile rug for less lived-in spaces.

At Raley’s, our team celebrates happy homes and we are here to help you select the perfect area rugs, furniture, and home accents.

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