3 Timeless Home Styles That Will Survive Any Trend

August 10, 2020

Trends come, go, and resurface once again. It can be difficult and stressful to switch your home’s interior style every few years. Fortunately, three timeless home styles exist that will survive any trend and never lose their touch. Choose from mid-century modern, bohemian chic, or industrial to style your home. 

Mid-Century Modern

A mid-century modern home style allows you to keep your home neat and pleasing to the eye. Inspired by the 1940s to 1960s, bold and neutral perfectly come together to create a minimalist and versatile style. Sleek lines and furniture can be found in an array of materials, including plastic, vinyl, and wood. 

Bohemian Chic

Adventurous and creative homeowners will never lose touch with the bohemian chic style. It embraces the hobbies and interests that fill your life. Mixtures of textiles and curves become prevalent throughout the home and make perfect displays for souvenirs and artwork. Botanicals can accent every room to bring fresh life into the space and improve your home’s air quality. 


The industrial style embraces imperfections as perfection. Knicks, ware, distress, and other signs of use remind homeowners that even imperfect items can still remain beautiful and sophisticated. The style brings a nostalgic feeling into the home that is warm and inviting. It’s common to find raw, untreated wood and bold metals combined into one piece of large furniture. 

You can use one of these three timeless home styles as a base of your home’s style and change up your accents if you want to have the latest trends in a certain room. Whatever your taste, style, or budget, our furniture showroom has exactly what you desire. 

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