Creating The Perfect Movie Night At Home

November 11, 2019

Catching the latest blockbuster in the theater is fun, but at an average of $12 per ticket, taking your entire family out can be expensive, and that’s before even paying for overpriced snacks. So, why not create the ultimate movie night in your own living room? These tips can help you have a fantastic at-home movie experience.

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3 Ways To Get Your Dining Room Thanksgiving Ready

November 4, 2019

German Butterballs, Idaho potatoes, and stuffing made with homemade cornbread are all key to a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, and don’t forget, when it comes to cranberry sauce, the gelatin mold never gets old. But to really kick the holiday up a notch, you need to get the dining room Thanksgiving-ready, too. We’re not talking about a full makeover, but the clunky metal folding chairs you lug up from the basement every year for last-minute guests aren’t going to cut it. Here are three tips for setting up your dining room to host Thanksgiving dinner.  

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3 Tips For Designing A Gothic-Style Home

October 18, 2019

The Victorian-Gothic design style is making a comeback. This era is defined by luxury linens, rich colors, and ornate furniture. It can be difficult to pull off this look without making your home look like Halloween year-round. Here are three design tips to tastefully bring this style into your home.

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Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Creatives This Halloween

October 11, 2019

Pumpkin carvings are a long-standing Halloween tradition that is perfect for the whole family! Anyone can design what they want their pumpkin to look like before an adult carefully carves out the design. You can carve anything into a pumpkin, from Halloween creates to brands, landscapes, faces, and more! Read on for pumpkin carving inspiration.

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Give Fall A Sweet Welcome With These Candle Scents

September 27, 2019

Autumn is here, and that means cooler temperatures and cravings for foods that will warm our bodies and nourish our souls. And nothing captures the feeling of fall like the smell of good old-fashioned home cooking. You can enjoy the fall aromas we love so much without having to spend the day in the kitchen. The presence of fall-scented candles will fill your home with delicious fragrances, while the glow of the candles will add an ambiance and warmth that captures the essence of the season inside your home. Consider adding any of these delightful candle scents to your home throughout the fall season. 

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Three Minimalist Principles To Incorporate Into Your Home

September 20, 2019

Minimalism is more than simply removing items from your home. It’s making space for what is most important. By using some minimalist principles in your home decor and design you’ll reduce clutter and increase the focus on what you do have. Here are three principles to take advantage of in your own home. 

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Four Items To Bring Rich Warmth Into Your Home This Autumn

September 13, 2019

After walking around in chilly weather all day, nothing beats walking into a warm and inviting home. Sturdy wood furniture creates an environment that plays on childhood memories of sitting at a campfire outside of a log cabin with your family while still providing a chic and modern look. If you aren’t sure how to incorporate this style of home decor, the experts at Raley’s Furniture have curated the top four home decor items for your convenience. 

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